Strytekross "Stryker" Veranis

"Stryker thug tough much then, dumb us no."


Standing at 5’11" and of a fairly muscular build, Stryker can be an intimidating opponent to stand against. His left eye is usually covered by an ash-gray eyepatch and the area around it is horrendously scarred, as if the eye had been clawed out by some wild creature years ago. His visible eye has a reddish brown coloration to it. His skin is fairly dark in color, and his hair appears short, black, and thoroughly tangled. His armor is fairly nice, albeit it a little damaged, and everywhere he goes he carries a spear on his back.


Little is known about Stryker‚Äôs past, mostly because anyone he tries to tell about it has trouble interpreting what it is he’s saying. At the current day he works as a local thug around Glavenrell, performing odd jobs for just enough money to survive. He is inexperienced and has trouble speaking Derran (he speaks no other languages save for a barbarian tongue), but he’s skilled enough to perform simple jobs (deliver notes, rough up other thugs, etc.) once his employers are able to convey their intention to him, a task that occasionally proves quite difficult.

Strytekross "Stryker" Veranis

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